The Rise of Online Gambling

Increasingly, people have turned to internet gambling as a means of entertainment and recreation. Accessibility and convenience are two of the primary reasons for online gambling’s increasing popularity. It offers greater value for money and a wider variety of betting products and options, as well as the physical comfort of gambling from home. There are also numerous advantages to internet gambling.

Problem gambling

There are many risk factors when gambling online, including the possibility of developing problem gambling. In fact, most research shows that the closer the temptation is, the more likely a person will be to develop a gambling problem. For instance, adults who live within 10 miles of a casino are 90 percent more likely to develop problem gambling than those who live farther away. With online gambling, the proximity is even smaller. With a cell phone, a person can place a wager from as far as six inches away.

Health impacts

There has been little research on the health effects of online gambling. However, many of these sites have many advantages, including fast feedback, the ability to make large bets, and a wide variety of betting options. Regardless of the benefits, online gambling is still a high-risk activity. People who engage in this type of gambling should be aware of the risks and monitor their gambling habits.


Canada recently legalized online gambling. A recent study in the country found that 41% of the population disapproves of the idea of banning online gambling. However, consumers in Britain, Italy, and Spain are against the practice. It is likely that the legalization of online gambling will help to reduce the number of problem gamblers.


Increasingly, people are turning to online casinos to play their favorite games. These sites are safe and convenient for people who want to gamble from home. According to different studies, the market for online casinos will hit 9.5 billion dollars by 2022. In addition, 45% of American adults are involved in gambling at least once a year.


The rise in online gambling has significantly altered the face of the gambling industry. While brick-and-mortar gambling venues and racetracks are still present, they are no longer the only means for gambling. Increasingly, people access online gambling venues through hyperlinks embedded in advertisements, or they can play free simulated gambling games online through applications.